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Mobilize and create a network involving

Promote sustainable Agribusiness in Africa

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Our Strategy

Mobilize and create a network involving input suppliers, producer organizations, processors and packagers, logistics providers, commodity organizations, wholesalers and retailers, financiers, Business Development Service Providers and work in partnership with researchers, policy makers, and development partners.

Our Vision

Promote sustainable Agribusiness in Africa through enhanced productivity and competitiveness at National, Regional and Global Markets.

Our Mission

Mobilize strategic networks involved in African Agribusiness & Agro-industry Value-Chain to increase growth, foster productivity, promote intra-regional trade and attract direct investment in the food system.

Mandate and Functions

To bring together stakeholders in agribusiness and agro industry to collectively and actively address the emerging challenges, and opportunities in the sector with a view to improving the competitiveness of the sector. This involves: Providing a platform for information on agribusiness and agro industry development, market information, economic intelligence and investment. Facilitate the provision of knowledge, skills, relevant experiences, best practices and formal training. A platform for strategic partnership amongst stakeholders and with other partners such as researchers, finance actors, development partners and institutions of higher learning. To harness financial resources to enable financial remediation for its Stakeholders.

Activity Areas

PanAAC has initiated programs aimed at strengthening linkages between producers of technology agricultural training institutions and agribusiness in order to make agricultural graduates owners of business, employers and skilled and marketable professionals. PanAAC offers a platform for reliable information on markets and value chains based on reliable reports, market analysis and relevant experiences. The consortium collects and collates data, processes into valuable business intelligence for its stakeholders.