Advancing ICT4D for Sustainability and Smallholder Impact in Agriculture


Africa has a big agricultural potential, unlocking it requires practical, on-the-ground efforts and innovative solutions. Given the continent’s diversity, a winning strategy for stakeholders is to address the challenges faced by the farmers. The challenges facing the sector remain largely the same, but the severity varies from country to country. Common cross-cutting challenges include use of outdated farming methods and tools (non-mechanized), limited professional agronomic training, unpredictable climate patterns, access to agri-input and above all lack of technology adoption across the African continent.

There is consensus among African agribusiness stakeholders that it is possible to achieve food security in Africa if the use of modern farming and food production technologies is accelerated. ICT will improve the value chain by providing analytical data to support decision-making at all levels of the sector. Information sharing, analytics, tracking & traceability, access to markets and finance are the key benefits derived from use of agri-tech.

5th Africa Agricultural Week, Uganda 2021

Uganda , Uganda

5th Africa Agricultural Week, Uganda 2021 November 14th-20th 2021. Registrations are now ongoing. Click here to Register

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