Micro -Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a critical role in the economy of Africa.They account for the largest share of businesses in Africa and are key contributors to job creations to the rapidly increasing youth population. In specific, agribusiness MSMEs are the main players in the provision, supply, distribution of agricultural produce and food for human consumption thus ensuring Food Nutrition and Security for the African population.

We are driven by the belief that MSMEs are  key drivers of agricultural production and attainment of food Nutrition and Security in Africa. Our goal is centered on promotion of sustainable Agriculture in Africa, therefore we are dedicated towards increasing the participation and competence of Africa MSMEs in the Food Sytems by addressing the gaps and challenges encountered by the MSMEs that include insufficient financial support, inadequate technical capacity, limited access to pre-established markets and weak implementation of policies , political interference among others .  We are driving this vision through focusing on mobilization of the agri-MSMEs and establishment of production and trade links between the MSMEs and the creation synergies between different strategist players in the food systems from both the public and private sector.

In addition we believe in the emergent of the rapidly growing opportunities from investment in infrastructure like inland ports, railway transport, Special Agricultural economic zones, mobile phones data etc that are aimed at overcoming the challenges associated with the food systems ecosystems (production to consumption ecosystem) such as production and access to market.  We believe this will not only support in increasing the participation of MSMEs in the Food Systems ecosystems but it is expected to benefit and support them (MSMEs) in attaining and maximizing on the economies of scale through ease in market accessibility increase in the involvement in the diverse and wider opportunities within the  food systems. We are leveraging on the commitment of African governments in implementing the Africa Free Trade Agreement  in witnessing the production for domestics, local and regional  markets becoming  attractive and accomodative for the African MSMEs.

In conclusion,  at PANAAC we are focused on lobbying and advocacy for an all exclusivity policy framework that is favourbale and creates conducive business environment for the African MSMEs by reducing the existing barriers  on agro-industrialization thus championing and engorging more investments into the food systems by the MSMEs and increasing their capability in accessing financial support from both the public and private sector.