PanAAC Pillars

To better serve its constituencies, PanAAC has identified four main pillars around which its programmes would be articulated.

These are: Information; Technology; Partnerships and linkages among key players; and Financing to support the African agribusiness sector.

Goals Order

  1. Mobilizing enterprises, networks and individuals involved in the post-production segment of the agribusiness value chain in order to ensure integration and mutual benefit.
  2. Providing a platform for information on agribusiness development, finance, markets and investment.
  3. Initiating partnerships with research centres and technology providers in order to involve the private sector in formulation and uptake of research initiatives.
  4. Facilitating improvements in productivity and competitiveness of African product offerings, through training for SME’s.
  5. Advocating for policy formulation to streamline cross border trade, infrastructure, international tariffs and regulations.